Friday, July 11, 2008

The endless Loneliness of a Los Angeles room

Giant donuts have been in this city forever, but not really in front of your bedroom window, right?
This giant donut on the top of Kindle's, in some kind strange kind of way, had make me feel lonely for the first time.
This colossal advertise bigger than the store itself.
That’s the loneliest thing of all.
A donut that size is a cry for help.
It’s a suicide note in pink letters,

It’s the one thing that the stupid Europeans like me cannot understand. That’s why we feel lonely in this city.

1 comment:

|nata| said...

You're feeling BLUE
In a town that is NEW
Just BORROW some memories
From the continent that is OLD(er), than you!

Although you're not a Groom,
Ask Santa Maria de Los Angeles,
If she wants to be with you,
Even if only, in a Los Angeles Room.

"Stay cool my dear, i'm comming to town, just like they drove old Dixie Down."